expeditions ...

We very much like to go onto expeditions. Usually our main interest is to activate rare grid squares (locators) for the VHF/UHF/SHF community using Tropo, Meteor Scatter, Sporadic E and Aurora propagation and sometimes also Moon Bouncing (also known as EME - Earth-Moon-Earth communication).

Besides this we also like to do some HF stuff like activating rare islands for the IOTA (Islands On The Air) awards programme or just relax and have some fun at the radio.

Our next goal is Lithuania again (Baltic VHF expedition 2006) where we will activate some rare grid squares in the southern and nort-eastern part of the country.

We usually try to write up an expedition diary to tell everybody about the experiences we got, special events, a.s.o. On the left hand-sided navigation bar you'll find some links to previous expeditions. As those websites are still not converted to our new website layout they will open in a seperate window each. Hope you enjoy them and please come back here for future announcements and reports.

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