Baltic VHF expedition 2006

After some very successful VHF expeditions during the last few years the well known expeditioners of the German North Eastern Contest Gang will start a tour into the Baltic region again. The crew will consist of DG1BHA - Heiko, DG1BRS - Stephan, DH8BQA - Olli, DL3BQA - Uwe and DO3GMG - yl Gabi. Activity is planned from the following grid squares:

KO23 16. - 20. June ’06 (incl. IARU 50 MHz contest on 17/18.6.06)
KO35 21. - 27. June ’06 (base QTH)
KO34 24. June '06 between 07 and 14 UTC at least (see expedition diary for more details)
KO36 cancelled, no time therefor anymore, sri

They will be QRV on 6 m (Tropo, ES, Aurora) and 2 m (Tropo, ES, Aurora, MS). Meteor Scatter in FSK441 will be random only on 144.358 MHz (+/- QRM). Callsigns in use will be LY2AAM and LY/homecall + YL/homecall (KO36) according to CEPT regulations respectively. The crew will try to keep their website up to date also from abroad. So take a regular look there for news and completed QSOs lists.

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