We are a small group of enthusiastic contesters laying special emphasise on the VHF/UHF/SHF frequencies. Contesting ist one of the many facettes of our great hobby amateur radio.

Amateur radio is all about the skill and fascination of communicating using radio. Radio amateurs have their own communication satellites, talk to the international space station and are at the very cutting edge of technology in many areas.  Amateur Radio is open to all, young or old.

If you want to find out more about amateur radio we recommend to visit the British RSGB website.

Für unsere deutschsprachigen Gäste: Wenn Sie mehr über unser Hobby Amateurfunk erfahren wollen, empfehlen wir den Besuch der Webseite des Deutschen Amateur Radio Club (DARC), dem Dachverband der deutschen Funkamateure.

Now feel free to surf around our website for latest news concerning our contest activities, dxpeditions, our new hf contest project, a.s.o.

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