OZMS - Bornholm Island - IOTA EU-3 - QSL via DH8BQA


We were QRV June 10th through June 22nd 2004 and worked about 9.000 QSOs from 160 m up to 70 cm. Equipment in use had been a TS-850S for shortwave plus a tube amplifier providing around 400 - 500 watts output depending on the band in use. For antennas we put up a dipole for 160 m, an FD-4 windom for 80 and sometimes 40 m as well as a Cushcraft A4S 4 ele Beam that covered the classic bands from 40 to 10 m. On 6 m we used an FT-847 feeding a 5 ele Yagi and during the first 3 days pushing the signal upto 700 watts using a UY5ZZ-PA (unfortunately DF2EA and DL1EJA had to leave much too early due to a sad family event and so went the PA aswell).


Besides the activities as OZMS from the base camp we did some portable trips aswell to activate some of Bornholm's lighthouses for the Amateur Radio Light House Society's awards programm, usually using just 100 watts into a groundplane or something similar.

Furthermore we tried to activate the V/U/SHF bands aswell but the base camp was very poor for the higher bands and the rather bad weather most of the time we spent on the island did not permit to do extensive portable operation. ;-( So the results on 2 m and 70 cm were rather limited.

23 cm was simply impossible due to the QRM produced by the local radar station on Bornholm. To get an impression of what it's been like, just follow this link (windows media video file).

Once again we succeeded with QRP CW-EME on 70 cm, this time working DL9KR and SM2CEW using minimal equipment (250 W + a small yagi).

The magic band (50 MHz) was rather disappointing with only 350 QSOs during almost 2 weeks although the band has been monitored with occassional CQ calls almost all day long. But it seems the propagation god was not with us this time.

To get some more impressions please feel free to have a deeper look into our results using the links on the left hand sided navigation bar. Have fun and hope to hear you from another rare spot soon ... ;-)